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Forty Days At Kamas

Forty Days at Kamas chronicles a revolt at a labor camp in Utah and is set in a future  America where simply disagreeing with the ruling party can land one in such a camp.


The main character, Paul Wagner, is a business owner who has sold out because he cannot keep the doors open.  He and his wife and daughters are slated to emigrate to England to be with others of the family who are already there.  It seems all is optimized for their departure; however, he is arrested and sent to perform labor in the camps, while his wife and younger daughter are also sent to detention.


Older daughter, Claire, escapes and continues to seek her father.  Unbeknownst to her, she arrives in Utah and lives adjacent to the camp.  She is aided by the wife of a prisoner and eventually comes to live with one of the camp's authorities.  The search for her father comes to a thrilling conclusion.


Forty Days at Kamas is a chilling and cautionary tale about a future in the USA that simply cannot be permitted to come to fruition.  Every American should read this book!